2020-2021 Class Descriptions
Class descriptions greatly help parents make decisions about returning to co-op and registering their child. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. YOU MUST SUBMIT A SUB PLAN!!!!! Materials and a printed version of your sub plan are required at registration. Failure to submit your class description in a timely manner may adversely effect your registration options. Please submit the form for every class you are teaching.
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Age Group *
Please enter the age range(s) of your students. Keep this the SAME as assigned by the leadership team. You can choose more than one option if necessary.
Class Name *
What would you like your class to be called? You can enter the name of the class as given to you by leadership, or a creative name you have come up with.
Teacher Name *
Class fee *
This is a dollar amount. Fees cover your material needs for teaching the class. Estimate as closely as you can, keeping in mind that you can lower your fee later, but not raise it. Any money above $1 per student leftover at the end of the co-op year needs to be reimbursed.
Homework *
How much homework will this class have?
Class Description *
Please enter a description of the class you will be teaching. (A few sentences describing the class objectives and activities.) REMEMBER this description is what "SELLS" your class. This is the information parents will use to decide if their child will take your class. Be specific, clear, and thorough. Please include information about skills needed for class participation, such as reading ability, writing, etc...
Class Outline *
This is your fourteen (14) week plan. Parents also look at this information to decide if your course is appropriate for their student.
Required Sub Plan *
You MUST submit a sub plan. Please be as specific as possible, because this is for the EMERGENCY that hasn't happened yet. You should assume that the person that is going to use your sub plan has no idea what your class is about! This sub plan will only be used if you cannot make it to co-op. Please bring a physical copy of this plan, and all the materials needed for the lesson with you to registration!
What is your suggested class enrollment limit? *
Please note that we CANNOT guarantee a class size. Our teachers need to be flexible about class size, as much as possible. Please explain any requirements in the text box.
Other Class Elements
Please list anything else that would be helpful for your class (room requirements, A/V requirements, anything else we should know?).
Please add any additional comments or concerns you would like us to address.
Thank you!
If you are teaching more than 1 class you have to submit this form for each class.
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