Business Consulting Application Form
The Seoul Global Business Center was renamed the Invest Seoul Center on the 1st of January 2020, putting a stronger emphasis on supporting foreign investments and start-ups. We ask for your continuous interest and your participation.
* It is on-site business consulting.

Consent to the collection, use, and provision to a third party of personal/corporate information

The Invest Seoul Center and the Seoul Business Agency collect, use, and provide your personal information for the purpose of providing you with more effective consultation, only with your consent.

1. Name of the organization that collects and uses personal information: Seoul Business Agency (Invest Seoul Center)

2. Range of collection/use and purpose of the personal information

○ Range of collection and use
① Name
② Contact(phone & email)
③ Visa Type
④ Nationality
⑤ Company Name
⑥ Company Type
⑦ Business Field
○ Purpose
① Satisfaction survey, statistical data
② Promotion of business support activities
③ Distribution of e-newsletters
④ provision to a third party (satisfaction survey by specialized agency, etc.)
3. Assentient
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