Leadership 2020 Resource Collection
Share your favourite research and resources with the Leadership 2020 community and learn what articles and videos are most helpful and inspiring for others.
For the community, by the community!
The Leadership 2020 graduate community is made up of hundreds of smart, informed, and engaged people. You learned a lot during the program but, as you know, this learning never stops.

What have you found helpful since graduating? What are your favourite articles, videos, or approaches? We're collecting resources from across the Leadership 2020 community to share in the new and improved Leadership 2020 newsletters. (Coming soon!)

Submit your favourite Ted Talk, research article, blog posts—whatever informs and inspires you—and we'll share them with your colleagues across the province. Be sure to let us know what makes your resource valuable, how you applied this new learning, or why it stood out for you.

This is another great opportunity to stay engaged with the Leadership 2020 community. And it's another way we're trying to leverage the power of this growing network to keep inspiring, informing, and engaging one another!

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What's next?
We will collect all the submitted resources and share them in upcoming issues of the Leadership 2020 newsletter along with a brief description of why you selected it.

Keep an eye out for resources and articles submitted by other graduates in the upcoming newsletters! And feel free to come back and submit the next great resource you come across.

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