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Dungeons and Dragons 5E Forgotten Realms
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3 Gear Games Season RPG Program June - August 2020

Something is amiss and rumors abound of undead and strange sightings. Duke Pwyll of Daggerford is desperate to strengthen his defenses once he learns of the loss of his greatest ally, King Melandrach of the Laughing Hollow. Welcome to Daggerford. The once sleepy little river town has suffered staggering losses over the last year. Are there any heroes brave enough to defend it against the threats all around?

Day: Every Sunday ( From June - August)
Time: 2pm - 6pm
DM: Damon Dienhart
Slots: Open: 5
Rating: PG-13

Cost: $5 a session (Game Room Pass)
We understand not everyone is able to pay due to the Covid-19 crisis so passes will be handled on the honor system for the time being for those that are able to pick them up. ( You will not be penalized if you are unable to pay at this time)

By signing up you acknowledged that you have read and agree to the following:
Please read our code of conduct: https://www.3gearstudios.com/service/code-of-conduct/

-You will abide by the rules of the game room, including the use of the X card which are posted inside the store. Failure to do so may result in warnings, to being asked to leave the game/store.

-For online games please PM the GM if you are feeling uncomfortable about the game for any reason.

-We understand life happens, if you are unable to attend or need to drop the game, please notify the store and GM as soon as possible, so they can plan accordingly.

-We have your permission to notify you via the contact information you provide below, regarding any changes to this game and share it with your GM.

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This adventure runs for 3 months, please let the store / GM know if you are unable to attend a session or if you have to drop the game so we can replace your spot. Please note it is okay if you are unable to attend every session.
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