Neighborhood Partnership Program
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Please provide project information below, and please note the reference information provided to help you fill out the form. If you do not have answers to some of the questions or the information requested, fill out the form to the best of your ability, and HPB will work with you and/or your group throughout the process.
Have you spoken with HPARD (Parks Department, not HPB) about the proposed project?
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If so, to whom and when? (if available, please provide any written documentation of communication with HPARD via email to
Do you want to make an improvement/do a project in an existing park OR advocate for the creation of a new park?
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Name and/or address of the park or greenspace:
If new park: Who owns the property?
If new park: What park sector is it in? (
If existing park: Is the park listed on the City of Houston CIP for improvement? (
City of Houston Council District of the proposed project:
Harris County Commissioner/Precinct of the proposed project:
Describe the project in as much detail as possible including any plans or sketches you may have developed: (email plans/sketches to
Do you have an estimated budget for the proposed project?
What is the estimated budget?
Are there identified funds? (Private sources – not tax-dollars)
If so, please list the sources:
Is your group/organization committed to providing funds or launching a fundraising program to raise funds for the proposed project?
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Is there community support (HOA, civic club, super neighborhood, etc.)?
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If so, which groups?
Have any community meetings been held about the proposed project?
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If so, please provide any notes, if available: (email minutes/notes to
Is there a timeframe or deadline associated with the proposed project?
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Is there any other information we should know?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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