Wedding Favor and Subscription Boxes Order Submission
You have been linked here from Just A Dram's website. Due to technical difficulty we could not let you submit the file on our website.
This form is open for use for both general merchant and wedding planner partners. You may submit the completed order form for both wedding favor and subscription boxes here.

If you would like to talk to our representative before you submit your order, please call us at 2368 1280 or 9629 5399.

You may only submit up to 5 orders per time. If you wish to submit more, please fill in this form multiple times or contact us directly.

This form is strictly for our merchant partner's use only. Do NOT proceed if you are not our partner.
Please check with your manager or owner to obtain the Partner and Branch Code. You may only place an order if you have these information in your hand.

If you had lost the Partner or Branch Code, please e-mail us at or call us at 2368 1280 or 9629 5399.

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