Letter To PUMA From Sports Fans and Participants

Add your name to the letter asking PUMA to stop its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association because of Israel's attacks on Palestinian sports and people. The text of the letter is below and it will be sent to PUMA on your behalf.

CEO of Puma – Bjorn Gulden
Puma Board of Directors
Puma UK Head of Customer Relations


As signatories to this letter, we believe in the power of sport to unite and inspire people from all over the world, regardless of their abilities. Sport has the power to transform us and our communities for the better.
We as sport fans believe in the principles of equality in sport and that every individual deserves the chance to make the most of their talent regardless of where they come from.

The Palestinian experience of sport under occupation falls far below these sporting ideals. At a time when we have all suffered restrictions to our sporting lives, the Palestinian experience of sport has been of a permanent lockdown under a decades-long military occupation.

We are therefore deeply concerned with Puma’s involvement and sponsorship of the Israeli Football Association (IFA). In sponsoring the IFA, Puma is allowing the use of the Puma brand to white-wash its participation in human rights abuses.

Puma has used the iconic Black Power salute from the 1968 Olympic Games as part of its marketing campaigns under the titles ‘#reform’ and ‘Be Brave’. We call upon Puma to Be Brave now, to uphold these principles and stand with those seeking reform and equality in sport.

We the undersigned, support the call from over two hundred Palestinian sporting clubs and from sports fans around the world for Puma to terminate its contract with the Israeli Football Association. We affirm that until Puma rids itself of its complicity in the abuse of Palestinian human rights, we will respect the call from Palestinian athletes to boycott Puma branded products.

We hope that you will urgently reconsider your sponsorship deal.

Yours sincerely,

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