Howard County Pollinator Habitat Registration
Our goal is to track pollinator habitat in Howard County--every patch counts! Pollinator habitat can be defined as intentionally planted areas that include plants that provide pollen and nectar sources for pollinators throughout the growing seasons, as well as plants that provide nesting sites, materials and cover. Habitats should aim to have the majority of plants native to our Region and no invasive plants.

If you have multiple pollinator habitats, consider registering them as one habitat if their total size is less than 500 square feet and have similar plant selections. Consider registering them separately, if their total size is more than 500 square feet or are significantly different from one another based on plant choices.
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Does your planted pollinator habitat include any pollinator powerhouse trees or shrubs?
What types of information do you need to ensure the long term success of your pollinator habitat? (see for a list of current resources)
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