Comic Tea Party Reading Queue Sign-Up
Hello everyone. This is the form to sign up for Comic Tea Party's reading queue. Whether your webcomic/indie comic is hosted on your own website, LINE Webtoon, or anywhere else, please feel free to submit. However, please view the following rules for eligibility first:
1. Comics volunteered should have at least 20 pages.
2. Comics volunteered should not have graphic sex or graphic violence.
3. Please only volunteer if you are okay with constructive criticism that may come up during the conversation.
4. Please only volunteer if the comic is YOUR OWN WORK. If you want a specific work in the CTP queue, encourage the creator themselves to submit.
5. Please be aware I will be making a small promotional banner that has your title and some imagery on it. If you have one made that's the correct size (and I can find it), I will use that first.
6. Please also be aware that all chats are archived on the Comic Tea Party website for posterity.
7. For people who have had a CTP for their comic before and want to sign up AGAIN: at this time, only comics who had chats in 2017 are eligible to sign up AGAIN. These repeat chats would not be until 2019 however.
If you would like more information before signing up, including the current schedule, FAQ, and more, please visit our website:

If you would like to join the StArt Faire Discord server now, just hit this link:

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