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The first instructor to submit the form wins the SPEECH or/ GRAMMAR session.
>> For language learners and instructors cancel session at: https://goo.gl/forms/yib6bvaf7P9rWYmH2
Please do not cancel unless necessary.
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Student can take up to three 20-min SPEECH sessions if not a Falooka subscriber.
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If you are found to NOT abide by the above rules (1.1 and 1.2) we reserve the right to withhold your payments at our discretion. *
Great! Please read CAREFULLY (three times 3X):
1- Session will be DRIVEN BY the ONE topic/ONE tense/5-8 words provided by the language learner for 20-min SPEECH.
2- Instructor will speak clearly and slowly (dependent on level).
3- Instructor will change sentence constructions by "small degrees" throughout the session.
4- Instructor will use ONE tense during the session (past, present, or future) -- if verb tense is needed.
5- Instructor will use ONLY the grammar theme in the screen shots (emailed to the instructor prior to lesson).
6- Session focus is on speech NOT grammar explanations for 20-min SPEECH sessions.
7- Session focus is on grammar not speech for the 40-min GRAMMAR sessions.
8- Session may use 1-2 IMAGES.
9- Sessions may be recorded for future student access.

Cancel 3 hours in advance at: https://goo.gl/forms/yU0iRQMagEz7gSJn1

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