Business Re-Opening Phase
As businesses begin to reopen in phases, please take this short survey to help us gauge your current business status.
If you have or will be opening, what measures have/will you take to operate safely? Select all that apply: *
When thinking about resources you need to successfully re-open, are there any that you do not have enough of or need help acquiring? Check all that apply. *
Select some of the challenges to re-opening successfully you may have? *
Which of the following would be better for your business: *
Have you been engaged in the Henry County Health Departments website/facebook page to find resources on safety guidelines during the pandemic or participated in the safe reopening zoom meeting? *
If needed, were you able to connect with your financial institute on securing any assistance funding? *
Please describe any hiring/employment challenges you foresee
Would you be interested in participating in a zoom meeting with other businesses to discuss workforce challenges and new approaches moving forward? *
Do you have any other comments about safely reopening?
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