HackTheU 2020 Organizer Applications
Hi there! HackTheU is looking for new members to join the organizing committee for 2020. We're a non-profit/student group based out of the University of Utah that hosts hackathons, workshops, and activities for all people interested in tech in the state of Utah -- partnering with companies like Galileo Financial Technologies, Facebook, L3Harris, Goldman Sachs, and Twitch.

HackTheU is looking for people to fill the following positions:

-- Director --
Direct, manage, and lead a committee of HackTheU. Directors are responsible for delegating tasks, running committee meetings, and communicating updates with the Chief Directors on what is going on in their committee. We anticipate a 2 to 3 hour/week commitment.

-- Member --
Members help accomplish tasks within each committee. They are responsible for the tasks they have taken on or have been delegated. We anticipate a 2 hour/week commitment.

There will be weekly committee meetings + biweekly all hands meetings. Directors will hold a directors meeting on weeks without an all hands meeting. Directors & Members must be university students for the entirety of 2020.

Our committees for 2020 are:

-- Logistics --
Organize sponsorships with companies. Manage and coordinate venues, food, hospitality, registration, themes, prizes, and more for our events.

-- Marketing --
Design and distribute marketing materials for our events. Organize tabling, press releases, social media, and more. Reach out to other student groups to involve them in our events.

-- Technology --
Run and deploy software to help run our hackathon. Our main website is in Wordpress, our registration site is in TypeScript and hosted on AWS. Learn real-world development skills and deploy software to be used by hundreds of users. Organize hardware and software to be used by hackers.

Director applications are due on December 21st, 2019 @ 11:59 pm.
Member applications are due on January 3rd, 2019 @ 11:59 pm.

If we think you'd be a good fit for HackTheU, we will invite you (both directors & members) to VC or in-person interviews. Please keep January 18th to January 19th free for an overnight team retreat. Email info@hacktheu.org with any questions.
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