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The following information helps us care for your pets just as you would. You may skip any questions that aren't relevant. The more details about you and your pets the better the service we can provide.

This form is in 4 parts and depending on the number of pets you have and the service you require, this form should take between 2 and 6 minutes to complete.

Part 1 - YOUR information,
Part 2 - PET information,
Part 3 - CARE PERIOD information
Part 4 - SPECIFIC SERVICE details.

At the end of each part you'll need to click continue to progress through to the end until you click "SUBMIT".

Terms and Conditions in brief:

We'll provide you with valuable short term care for your pets and look after them as we would look after our own animals but we won't be held responsible for anything that is out of our control including injuries, loss or vet bills.

We'll ensure our staff behave maturely and professionally. We only roster full-time employees (no casual staff nor sub-contractors), we'll ensure that our staff are trained in caring for pets including animal first aid, behaviour and handling and we'll provide you with 24hr/365days on call emergency assistance (inc. after hours veterinary treatment if required) and we'll do our very best to ensure the safety of the animals and the general public.

You agree there are inherent risks with caring for animals and you agree that you are owner of the animal/s and therefore responsible for any associated costs. You agree that you remain the owner of your pets even though you may not be in direct control or custody of them and You accept that you are responsible for them and any cost associated with them. You agree that Woofers can authorise veterinary care in the event you are unreachable.

You agree to pay your account within 14 days of receiving an invoice and that we reserve the right to charge administration fees if we have to follow up bad debts. You also agree that we can publish information (generally photos) on our public website and through social media.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed and downloaded here:

By accepting services from us you'll be agreeing to the terms of service.
Have you read the Terms & Conditions and agree to the details? *
If you have any trouble with the form or you'd like to discuss the care in person please call 1300 BOW WOW (269 969)
Thank you for considering the Woofers team, we enjoy what we do and look forward to being a part of your pets' lives.
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