ESSER Feedback
Please rank by importance the key areas below 1-6 according to your personal experience through this last school year and the 2021-2022 school year needs.
Milan Special School District has recently been allotted $3,516,983.84 from the federal government through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund) which provides an economic stimulus to schools with an intended focus on the following key areas.
______Purchasing Education Technology: such as purchasing hardware and/or software and addressing connectivity issues to support online/distance learning

______Providing Summer Learning and Supplemental After School Programs: such as providing opportunities for learning acceleration based on student need/learning gaps, including online/distance learning

______ Planning for Long-Term Closures: such as providing meals to eligible students, conducting professional development opportunities to provide education services during closures, and providing guidance for carrying out requirements under IDEA; and/or planning to ensure other educational services can continue to be provided consistent with all federal, state, and local requirements

______ Addressing the Unique Needs of Special Populations: such as providing guidance for carrying out requirements under IDEA, providing teletherapy service for students, and providing virtual instructional tools and resources designed to support English language development

______ Providing Mental Health Supports: such as conducting wellness checks, providing professional development for teachers, conducting teletherapy sessions with students, counseling and mental health supports, and conducting training for school personnel on suicide prevention, trauma, and related topics.

______ Conducting Other Necessary Activities: such as taking necessary steps to maintain the operation of services, continuing to employ staff, coordinating activities, or providing principals and school leaders necessary resources.

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