NC NAACP PETITION to Require Hand-Marked Paper Ballots and Reject Touchscreen Voting Machines
North Carolina NAACP Supports Free, Fair, Transparent, & Secure Elections in 2020

To: North Carolina State Board of Elections
County Board of Elections
County Board of Commissioners

Elections belong to the people of this State. In this vital period of history, the state of North Carolina should be focused on making voting easier, more accessible, and our ballots more secure. North Carolina elections must be fully transparent in 2020.

Elections must be by secret ballot, but our ballots should not be counted in secret. Therefore, unverifiable touchscreen computer voting is unacceptable. We call on North Carolina officials to reject electronic touchscreen voting and require hand marked paper ballots with exceptions for voters who require assistive technology. We believe North Carolina must reject voting systems that encode our votes into barcodes. And we believe that only legally certified voting equipment should be used in 2020 after all North Carolina required testing is successfully conducted and documented for public review.

To ensure our democracy, every eligible ballot must be counted as the voter intended. The best way to accomplish this is with hand marked paper ballots and rigorous audits of the results.

As we fight for the heart of the democracy, it is imperative that we put the Voters interest first. We can all agree that, given the stakes, ensuring the voters voice is heard must come before all other interests. Voter suppression can take many forms. We stand united against all of them and ask you to join us in our cause to revive the heart of our democracy.
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