MugFest 2019 Hearthstone Tournament & Fireside Gathering
Hearthstone Information:

MugFest held on the 9th of August 2019 is an exciting date for Hearthstone since it's the 3rd day after the next expansion, Saviours of Uldum, is released so the game feels fresh for both new and veteran players alike. So join us at Old Engineering Student Lounge at 7pm until 8:30pm (times are flexible) even just to hang out, play a few games or even enter the tournament which feature prizes!

Tournament Information:

- Tournament will be played on Americas server as Standard Format with Savours of Uldum cards enabled.

- Exact tournament information will be determined pending level of interest.

- A trophy and pending budget Blizzard giftcard ($25 or more) will be rewarded to the winner. If more funding is provided then the prize structure may change.

- The general format will be Swiss and if there are enough participants a final single elimination bracket for the winner.

- As a participant, you will need exactly 3 decks with no repeat classes. Each round will be Best of 3 Conquest format at most, however pending time it could be best of 1 with a ban.

If you have any questions you can email Philip, the organiser at (
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Just as confirmation, we don't want people still in the running for winner drop out suddenly or just not show up. You are not obligated to stay if you are knocked out of the tournament. The CSGO, Mario Kart of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament is running at the same time so it will not be possible to participate if you have registered for those tournaments. The LoL tournament will start right after the Hearthstone tournament.
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