RHINO CAD Skill Checkpoint
Check the box under each command that BEST describes your skill level AT THIS MOMENT with this command or process
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In this class are you a *
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command: Twist *
command: trim *
command: text object *
command: taper *
command: stretch *
command: shear *
command: scale *
command: rectangle *
command: array *
command: arraypolar *
command: polyline *
command: polygon *
command: oval *
command: Osnap (most options) *
command: Ortho *
command: new layer *
command: layer options (color, lock, hide) *
command: join *
command: group *
command: fillet *
command: explode *
command: edit points on/off *
command: copy in place *
command: control point curve *
command: circle *
command: chamfer *
command: bend *
command: flow *
command: move *
command: analyze distance *
command: align *
command: Hatch *
command: 3D tube *
command: 3D text *
command: 3D taper *
command: 3D make hole *
command: 3D make extrude *
command: 3D make chamfer *
command: 3D gumball *
command: 3D geometric shapes *
command: 3D boolean join *
command: 3D boolean difference *
Process: FILE open/save/saveas *
Process: change object layer *
Process: adjust design/setup to minimize waste in laser or vinyl output *
Process: load and set up vinyl into Roland cutter *
Process: process cut vinyl to single layer decal *
Process: process cut vinyl to multi-layer decal *
Process: Set up MOJO 3d printer to print *
Process: Print a 3d design *
Process: Set up LulzBot 3d printer to print *
Process: load and focus material in Rayjet *
Process: set power and speed ratings for any material on RAYJET laser *
Operation: Create multilayer design in Rhino with a specific output in mind *
Operation: efficiently create a DESIGN based on a customer request for review *
Operation: efficiently create a PRODUCT based on a customer work order *
Operation: efficiently create a WORK ORDER with jobber and retail costs based on a project plan *
Quickbooks Add/modify customers *
Quickbooks invoice projects *
Quickbooks receive payment/cash receipt *
Quickbooks compute commission and record credit memo *
Quickbooks view and understand reports on sales by customer, item, and project type *
My current operational level in RHINO CAD *
My current level in Operating the ROLAND vinyl cutter *
My current level in Operating the Rayjet Laser cutter *
My current level in Operating the MOJO 3d printer *
My current level in Operating the Lulzbot 3d printer *
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