The testnet is the external test environment for the Bezant Blockchain network.
Users will be able to try out the features of the Bezant Blockchain with certain features only available for certified Partners.
Participate in our testnet and experience the latest features and latest platform developments for Bezant.

Bezant Scan

The Bezant Scan is a viewer that allows the end users to see the transactions that have taken place in the Bezant Blockchain.
With the scan, the user can view a particular block information, transaction, and also a specific token or wallet address.

Bezant Wallet

The Bezant Wallet is a feature that allows the end user to store their assets and also to send them peer-to-peer within the Bezant network.

Partner Admin (Certified Partners Only)

Partner Admin is an interface that allows partners to develop dApps in our permissioned network.
Partners are provided various tools and different features to operate and manage their dApps.
During the testnet, the Partner Admin will have four major components.

(i) Token Issuance
(ii) Create Wallet
(iii) Token Transfer
(iv) Smart Contract Deployment

Partners will be able to issue their own token, create their own master wallet so they can manage their own token economy, and deploy smart contracts onto the network.

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