OSB 2019 Application
Due to high demand, all campers wishing to be OSBs at Two Sentinels must complete this application process. The full OSB program consists of:
* One session of camp in OSB training (Session 1 or Session 2)
* One session of camp where you serve as unit staff (Session 3)

Typically, both sessions are completed within the same summer. Your OSB leaders will evaluate your readiness to be staff. If ready and you are able to return for Session 3, you will be placed in a unit as staff. Those not ready will be provided guidance on areas of improvement.

We will inform you by March 9, 2019 if you have been accepted. Campers not accepted for this year will be given an option to join another unit.

By February 17, 2019
* Complete this form (about 1/2 hour)
* Have a non-family member provide a character reference explaining why they think you will make a great counselor at Two Sentinels. Character references must be sent to applications@camptwosentinels.org.

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Can you attend either Session 1 or Session 2 for your training week? *
If you successfully complete the training week, can you return for Session 3 for your staffing week? *
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