Red Deer Speed Skating Open Try Form 2019-2020
The information collected in this Google Form is used to connect with the Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club. All information on this form is collected and held in accordance with FOIPP. Only members of the Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club Executive have access to the information on this form. Information entered into this form is used to contact you to schedule an Open Try Night for Speed Skating and to send additional Speed Skating Club communications.

Please fill out this form for each skater in your family who wishes to try Speed Skating. Following submission of the form for the first skater, click "Submit Another Form" to enter information for additional skaters.

We welcome Open Try Skaters on any skating night from October through March. We ask for 2-3 days' notice in order to ensure that we have Speed Skates and can connect with you regarding the proper equipment. For a full list of equipment that is required, please see our website:

For Open Try Skaters, we provide speed skates (if they want to try speed skates; if not or should a size not be available, skaters can use their own hockey or figure skates), kevlar ankle guards, soccer style shin guards, and gloves if skaters do not have these items. Open Try Skaters must provide a helmet (hockey or winter sport).
Names of Parent/Guardian *
Email Address *
Alternate Contact Infomation
Name of Skater *
Age of Skater *
Does your skater want to try Speed Skates? *
Open Try Skaters are welcome to skate in their own skates (figure, hockey, recreational). They are also welcome to try speed skates if we have sizes in stock. Open Try Skaters are encouraged to bring their own skates (figure, hockey, recreational) due to limited speed skate sizes.
Skater's Current Shoe Size (for trying Speed Skates) *
What size of SHOE does your skater currently wear?
Skater's Current Skate Size
What size of SKATE (figure, hockey, recreational) does your skater currently wear?
Open Skate Equipment (That You Will Bring) *
Please ensure that you have your own helmet for Open Try. Speed Skating requires certain equipment before skaters are allowed on the ice. The Club will loan some equipment (speed skates, knee pads, and kevlars). Please check off all equipment that you already have so that we can plan for your Open Try.
Skater's Ability *
Health Concerns *
Does your child have any health or behavioural concerns?
Waiver: Please download the Waiver Form and bring it with you: *
Preferred First Date for Open Try (Tuesday or Thursday) *
For 2018, Open Try Nights start on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.
Preferred Second Date for Open Try (Tuesday or Thursday) *
Additional Information: Is there anything else you would like to know or that we should know about your skater?
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