Rut-Busting: The 1-Minute Challenge
The choice to take a single step forward is the hardest and most significant part of any process of change or evolution, and only a small segment of us are truly ready to take that step in a new direction. By clicking on the link to take this mini-challenge, you have shown yourself to be one of the few who is genuinely ready to make a change.

One new habit, one minute, once a day for a week might not seem like much, but it offers the most important thing you need to pursue the priorities that matter most to you. It's a shot of confidence—irrefutable evidence that you are capable of doing something new for your health or sanity—and letting it lead you to the next new thing.

In this week-long interactive challenge, I invite you to discover what you're capable of.

Fill in the survey below to identify your new micro-habit. Choose something that will make you feel a little stronger, a little more focused or alive for one minute, once a day—and if it's not working out mid-week, don't hesitate to pivot to something else.

Going forward on Fridays, you will get mini-prompts or quick questions to help you identify what drives you and the next steps forward—as well as the regular Monday Message to kick off the week. The goals you set are 100% up to you, slow and steady, and you can opt-out any time.

By filling this out, you'll also be entered in monthly drawings to win a signed, advance copy of my upcoming book, The Habit Trip: A Fill-n-the-Blank Journey to a Life on Purpose! I look forward to seeing the micro-habit you choose, and I'll be here to cheer you on. Please reach out if you need support!

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What 1-minute ritual will you do every day for one week? (Feet in the grass, planks, push-ups, make the bed, meditation, stretching, drawing, breathing, etc...)
When will you do it? (Choose a specific time of day or connect it to a daily ritual you already have: Waking up, brushing your teeth, coffee, a meal, or other ritual.)
How will you note your success each day? (On a calendar or journal, text a friend, use an app, etc...)
State your plan in a full sentence (Example: I will take 5 breaths with my feet in the grass every day after my coffee and mark it on my calendar with my favorite marker!)
Why does this activity matter to you?
What are the biggest challenges you face with your health or productivity?
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