Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen Cover Reveal Tour
Humans created the Ultras, a genetically enhanced race, to defend mankind. Instead, Ultras became their greatest threat. With the help of traitors, humans captured half a million of the immortal warriors.
Exiled to an alien world with no tech, no tools, and no resources, their leader, Pietas, must protect his people, find food and shelter and unite them. But before he can, he must regain command from a ruthless adversary he's fought for centuries--his brutal, merciless father.
Ultras are immortal, and no matter how they die, they come back. Reviving after death isn't all it's cracked up to be. Some wounds heal instantly and a few take time, but battered and broken trust? Immortals may heal, but a wound of the heart lasts forever.

Genre: Science Fiction with romantic elements
Rating: PG13 for violence, no profanity or explicit content

Added bonus for hosting this fabulous tour! Kayelle will award one host that has the most comments (minus hers and Mine) a $25 gift certificate to the host's Amazon, B&N, or Starbucks.

Bringer of Chaos: Forged in Fire by Kayelle Allen
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