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BCT Theater Lab selects students throughout the Treasure Valley to be a part of a team of aspiring theater artists in a program like no other in the state of Idaho. We’re so glad you’re here! Our values at BCT include: Respect, Challenge, Gratitude, Collaboration, and Celebration. We strive to make this a part of everything we do. The classes are led by professional Teaching Artists who practice these values, and as a student of A.C.T. at BCT, we expect you to strive for these values too. As a member of our company you can expect to be treated like an intelligent, valuable part of the team. Your ideas will be heard. You will be in an environment that is safe, both physically and emotionally. You will be given the opportunity to share your stories and ideas. We will work hard and have TONS of fun!You will be expected to:-Behave like the emerging professionals you are.-Treat teachers, staff and fellow students with kindness and respect.-Arrive on time for each scheduled class and event. If you must be tardy or absent, you MUST contact your teacher directly, in advance.-Bring your notebooks to class.-Write or generate material outside of class time.-Dress in clothing that allows a full range of movement.-Limit your cell phone use to writing and research in class, and on breaks.-Keep the Green Room free from noise; use the Loft or Patio for breaks and before or after class.-Challenge yourself to be yourself, and do your best. *
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