KHS Running Start Contract
Kelso High School
Running Start Contract

1. Students must be a junior or senior at Kelso High School based on chronological years in school; and have a cumulative GPA of 2.50.

2. A student participating in Running Start is starting a permanent college transcript which includes a college GPA. Grades received through Running Start will be transcribed on the Kelso High School transcript.

3. Marks/grades issued by the college cannot be changed or altered by the high school, or omitted from the high school transcript. The high school transcript must designate courses taken through Running Start. If a course is taken over the summer (self-paid), the student is responsible for submitting their LCC transcript to Kelso High School to receive high school credit.

4. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA at the college in order to continue in Running Start. Once a student drops below the GPA requirement, they will be on probation the following quarter, and may be withdrawn from Running Start if GPA does not improve.

5. Students taking courses at both the high school and college must arrange college courses so they do not conflict with the schedule of courses being taken at the high school. Students cannot generate more than a 1.2 FTE of classes.

6. The Becca Bill requires students to attend high school full time to age 18. Students enrolled part-time at the college must also be enrolled at the high school to meet this requirement. A full time student is taking the equivalent of 5 high school classes.

7. Running Start students who are CHOICE students must be enrolled in at least one course at Kelso High School.

8. Any student wanting to participate in a college musical performance group is required by WMEA to also participate in the high school performance group.

9. Students MAY NOT participate in COLLEGE competitive sports, including club sports at the college. Students MAY participate in Kelso High School sports if they maintain a full schedule and meet WIAA rules.

10. A full-time Running Start student needs to be enrolled at a 1.0 FTE. Students enrolled at the college and KHS would need to be enrolled in an equivalent of 2.50 high school credits.

11. Students should check with the college/university they plan to attend to verify status of Running Start classes.

12. Students are responsible for all non-tuition costs such as book and lab fees for Running Start, as well as transportation.

13. Students must follow all procedures and meet deadlines set by the college for enrolling and withdrawing from classes.

14. Running Start students are required to meet all high school graduation requirements if they are planning to receive a Kelso High School diploma.

15. Students who withdraw from Running Start are required to enroll full time at the high school. This may cause loss of credit if done in the middle of a trimester.

16. Running Start students are responsible for following all high school policies and procedures.

17. The high school schedule changes often due to assemblies, state testing, etc. Students taking classes at the high school and college will need to pre-arrange their absences.

18. Running Start students, like all KHS students are required to meet all graduation standards, including state assessments: Smarter Balanced ELA, Smarter Balanced Math, and the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS). Students can arrange their testing schedule around their LCC classes, but MUST make arrangements with their high school counselor.

19. Running Start students are responsible for obtaining information regarding high school activities and events, daily schedule changes, and deadlines by reading the daily bulletin, and other posted information on the school website. Running Start students must sign up to receive REMIND messages from KHS.

20. If a high school senior attends Running Start classes, fails a college class which causes him/her to not graduate, that student is eligible to access Running Start during the 13th year, to complete only the courses needed to graduate.

21. Running Start students should not be on the KHS campus unless they are attending a class period or have legitimate business. Students found loitering will be no trespassed for the period of time they should be off campus.

22. Valedictorian / Salutatorian Academic Excellence Award (Effective with the Class of 2019)

Valedictorian/Salutatorian Definition: Valedictorian shall be determined from those students who have achieved excellence in the most rigorous course offerings at Kelso High School. The Salutatorian shall be next highest student who has achieved excellence in the most rigorous course offerings at Kelso High School. Excellence is based upon Grade Point Average and course work at Kelso High School.

Each year, a member of the senior class shall be designated the Valedictorian, and another the Salutatorian, of that senior class. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian shall be the students who have demonstrated the highest degree of excellence in the most rigorous courses offered at Kelso High School according to the following guidelines:

1. The student must have attended Kelso High School for a minimum of three (3) complete consecutive trimesters prior to his/her senior year, which must be completed as a full-time student enrolled and attending on-campus courses at Kelso High School.
2. Home schooled students that enroll at Kelso High School must still meet the three (3) consecutive trimester guidelines as described above.
3. The Valedictorian/Salutatorian will be chosen from the pool consisting of the 4.0 GPA students from that graduating class.
4. From the 4.0 GPA pool, the Valedictorian shall be determined by examining the rigor of courses taken. Each student transcript will be examined and awarded:
a. 1 point for successful completion of an Advanced Placement or College in the High School course and participated in the final exam for each Advance Placement or College in the High School course. That student with the most points will be deemed Valedictorian and the student with the second most points will be awarded Salutatorian.
b. In the case of a tie there may be multiple Valedictorians and/or Salutatorians.


We acknowledge and accept that by enrolling in Running Start, we are enrolling in a college environment where the course content, standard of academic performance and behavior is at the college level, and directed primarily to students who are young adults. We acknowledge and accept full responsibility to adhere to the contents of this contract and accept any adverse consequences in not doing so. We acknowledge the responsibility is ours to meet all Kelso High School graduation requirements: credit and non-credit graduation requirements.
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