Sign-Ups for 'Delayed Resonance' - A talkbox-based Werewolf game

This game is intending to be a fun experiment. I'd like to see what a game would look like if A) there were two groups playing, half of which could not directly interact with one another and B) the players were uncertain of their role and had to work to find it out.

Part of the reason for part B is that I generally play the same way no matter my role. It'd be interesting to see just how persuasive and innocent-sounding a player would be if they themselves thought they were human. The post in the Public Forums under the Ads says the rules and details, but I'll post it again here, just in case. Please only sign up if you can be active and agree to the mad rules. The game will not have clues but I will reveal players' identities. If you think you are a werewolf PM me that you do and why you do. If you are one I will tell you who your comrades are. If you are not a wolf your day vote (if PMd during the round) or next day vote (if PMd during the night) will be worth one half as much. Any other rules will be explained in the talkboxes.

Anyways, I'm thinking about modding a TB-based Werewolf game. Active players willing to try something new are encouraged to join up by filling out the basic details in the corresponding Google Documents form.

I want a maximum of 20 players and a minimum of 10. If the waiting period goes over a week and I have 10 players or some other even number of players ready, I will start the game before reaching 20.

There will be no seers (sorry) but that's because this game is meant to be a bit confusing. The goal is still to win, but it will be tricky.

Firstly, I will break up the even number of players into two talkboxes (when the games starts, I will send you an invitation to one of the two; randomly chosen, of course). Players may still not have outside interactions and this will mean that half of the players can't interact. The one thing they can do is find out the results of who was shot and eaten and find out the current votes. [Votes will be submitted via a Google Documents form that everyone can view]

I will post what was said to the opposite Group at the start of the next round so that while the discussions aren't current, both sides are less in the dark. Sounds tricky? It's not so bad. I'll be handling most of the complex stuff.

Oh, but there is one thing that might be a bit confusing. All players will submit three choices of who they would like to eat for the night via another form. You see, I won't tell you what role you're playing as. It's your job to figure it out based on who was eaten.

So, really, no one will know who's who at the start. I think that will make things interesting.

I will send you a confirmation PM and add your name to the list. Nights and days will last for 24 hours.

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