EXILE SPECIAL FANMEETING is to be collecting plans!
Exclusive Live Stream only on ABEMA

Our theme for 2022 is ""Fan Meeting with Fans""💡
Do you have an idea about this special fan meeting? 🙌

Submit your ideas and feedbacks and watch your ideas come to life!📮

Let’s create an unforgettable fan meeting with EXILE!

Since this event will be held in April, we are planning a special event and mini live commemorating the Spring season! Don’t miss it! 🌸

Follow this link for ticket information and idea entry form👉 https://abemaldh.abema.tv/

Buy ticket is here 👉 https://abema-ppv-onlinelive.abema.tv/posts/32554066
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Please tell us what you want EXILE to do at this EXILE SPECIAL FAN MEETING *
Examples of Projects
■"Internal Impersonation Championships" where EXILE members perform impersonations of other members, competing with each other.
■"TAKAHIRO's Photos Sorting Quiz" to correctly arrange his photos from childhood to the present in chronological order.
■"Let's write a letter to yourself when you joined EXILE!" for members to deliver the message to themselves back then.
Please tell us why you want to see the above project.
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