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Beyond Zero Emissions' Statement of Purposes
1) Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a climate change solutions think tank dedicated to the achievement of a safe climate for the future of life on earth.

2) BZE’s primary goal is to build support for a rapid transition to a zero emissions economy through the research and promotion of mechanisms that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, then reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases to pre-industrial levels.

3)For Australia, BZE seeks the immediate implementation of solutions that will:
a) reduce emissions across all sectors of the Australian economy to zero; and
b) concurrently sequester atmospheric greenhouse gases;in order to achieve the primary goal set out in Purpose 2.

4)On an international level, BZE will research and promote methods to shift the global economy to zero emissions as early as possible.

5)Central to BZE’s goals is a role in facilitating the implementation of social change, and the adoption of technologies necessary for the achievement of Purposes 2, 3, and 4, BZE will thus research, and undertake activities including:
c.Corporate campaigning;
d.Political campaigning;
e.Network building;
f.Community campaign building;
g.Publishing and communications; and
h.Solution development

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