IFC 2018 - DJ Application
Hello!!! We are looking for DJ's for this year's Indy Fur Con located in Indianapolis, Indiana between August 24-26, 2018. We will be closing submissions on July 1st and we expect to have the official roster public by July 7th!

For this year we aren't bound to any specific theme at all! However in the spirits of pleasing the people, We desire to make the best lineup possible! The selection will be affected by these factors; Stage Presence, Personality, Flow, Availability, Uniqueness, Experience, Style. Each of these are important aspects that we look for in our selection. Any questions; Hit me up - @Pyrferno -Twitter/Telegram- pyrferno@gmail.com -Email-

Lastly, Indy Fur Con DOES NOT compensate you for Travel Fees, Hotel Fees, Equipment Fees, Registration fees, etc. But we are more than happy to offer you a chance to DJ on our stage!

So first off, what is your DJ alias? *
What is your Legal Name? (First Name, Last Name) *
What is your email, Telegram, and Twitter? (N/A is okay as long as we have some way to contact you.) *
What days will you be present at IFC2018? (ATM, we are only considering having DJ's on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.) *
What is your background as a DJ? (Experiences, Style, Etc) *
What equipment and/or software do you utilize? *
And here's where the magic happens, provide us with a link of one of your mixes! (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Dropbox, etc.) *
Do you wish to do a B2B set with anyone, if so who?
Anything else you would like to add in?
Lastly, The Canadians are invading, what can an otter do for you?
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