KIRA Testnet Program Phase 0 - Submission Form
After completion of this form, all approved candidates will be invited to the private Testnet Program Phase 0. If you have not been selected, you will still be able to access the Testnet during Phase 1, when it will be publicly available to everyone. The selected participants will be contacted via email or telegram.

If you have multiple PC's you can submit this form multiple times
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Where are you going to operate your machine ? *
What is the manufacturer of your CPU *
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Please provide a short and unique (friendly) nickname of your PC setup *
You will have to submit this nickname in all further reports, if your PC spec change you will have to rename your PC
Why do you want to be part of the Testnet Program Phase 0 and why do you think that you are a good candidate ?
You can input any thoughts and comments here
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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