Good Companion Dog Training Club
To benefit both you, the handlers, and us, the instructors, we would appreciate it if you would
answer the following questions. If you have further information & comments please contact your instructor or use the other comments box.
The Instructors and assistants will be pleased to discuss any problems you may have with your dog, so
please do not hesitate to ask. We hope you enjoy the course, and we look forward to seeing you each week.
Thank you for your co-operation
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Where is your dog's sleeping area?
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Please detail your dog's - current feeding times and type/brand of food
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What is your dog's response to handling and grooming?
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Does your dog come when called?
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Does your dog play bite?
Is your dog noisy?
Is your dog destructive?
Is your dog boisterous?
What is your dog's behaviour with people? Please select all that apply...
What is your dog's behaviour with other dogs? Please select all that apply...
Do you have any children? If yes please give their ages.
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Do you have any other pets if yes please detail?
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Are there any issues you would like us to help with at training classes?
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