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We all want more RRISD Trustees who take action to keep the district on track and who vote for sound district policies, with less advocacy by us for every vote. A few of us have been working to identify and support RRISD school board candidates who share our values so we have a stronger pipeline of candidates for RRISD school board.  We’d also like to connect strong candidates with parents around the district, helping them better understand a broader array of communities and find key campaign volunteers.

Not everyone has time to volunteer, though, even if they do really want to make a difference in school board elections.  Donating to strong, aligned candidates can also have a huge impact -- with much less time involved than volunteering for a campaign.  Donations early in the campaign cycle can have an even bigger impact but following elections that closely is another time commitment.

Forming a PAC is one option to open the door to impacting school board elections with minimal time commitment.  A PAC could identify candidates who align with the values supported within this group and the sister FB group Access to Education RRISD and then fundraise to support them as they run for RRISD school board.  Fundraising in this way could have a powerful impact on November’s elections, saving us lots of time and energy with district advocacy for years to come, but it does take some time and money to set up a PAC.

If you support the idea of a PAC to support candidates who align with the values of this group and the sister FB group, Access to Education RRISD, please fill out this interest form.
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