Equestrian Collective Ambassador Search
Equestrian Collective is on the lookout for one to two ambassadors to join our team. E-C is an up and coming equestrian brand with a passion for quality products and customer service. We are a Tasmanian based family business with customers in Australia, New Zealand and America. We are looking for one rider under 20 and one rider over the age of 20.

What you will receive:
- Equestrian Collective apparel valued over $300
- Large discount code for your personal use
- 10% off discount code for your followers/friends/clients ect.

What we are looking for:
-Someone who is happy to promote our brand through social media (in particular Facebook groups as we have a few Instagram influencers in our team already). However, active Instagram presence is also vital.
-Access or able to get high quality photos
-Someone who is regularly out and about and will talk about our products with their fellow Equestrians

We will give a preference to those who have ordered from us and have a good knowledge on our products.

We are currently accepting applications from those in Australia, New Zealand and America.

Entries close February 15
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If you would like to add to your chances, create an instagram post about yourself and highlight why you would be a good fit for our brand. Be sure to tag us and use the #equestriancollectiveambassadorsearch. Be sure to make it an actual post and not just add it to your stories, we need to be able to find them easily once the search is over. We'll be sharing these to our stories. We highly encourage you to do this step :)
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