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Hi, my name is Chris Jones (aka Uno Boy)
Read Before You Apply...
I have taken on 40+ students over the past 18 months. I have coached a wide range of ecommerce entrepreneurs to success. From a millionaire watch designer to a mother/inventor to a vacuum cleaner salesman (not joking). I've even coached 3 students starting from scratch -- meaning they didn't even have a business idea yet.

The key to remember is whatever dream you have for your store, you can achieve it whether you work with me or not. An effective coach simply gets you there faster, using proven systems and tactics.

If you're tired of struggling, you feel unfocused, or you're unsure of what your next step is, just remember the millionaire watch designer feels exactly the same as you. And it's not your fault.

Here's the deal with coaching. Because I have another more important business, I only take on a few entrepreneurs at a time. Don't let that discourage you from applying. It might be YOU.

I work with students starting with ZERO sales just as often as I work with students with $100K+ in sales.

When I look at your business, I will be honest with you. If I can help you, I'll tell you so. If not, I'll still help. I may decline to coach you, but I'll at least tell you what I would do in your shoes. Sound fair?

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