CLW Application 2020
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We accept campers aged 9-15 and counselors aged 15-18. Counselors aged 15 are considered but may remain campers until age 16.

CAMP BEGINS at 6pm Sunday, July 26th. Campers should arrive in camp no later than 6:45. Please DO NOT ARRIVE in camp before 5:45 – staff will be eating their dinner!

For counselors, camp starts Sunday, July 26th at 11am.

CAMP ENDS 3pm Friday, August 31st. Campers should be picked up no later than 3:45.
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Cost for one youth is $200. Please know that we are operating with a limited scholarship budget and scholarships will be first-come-first serve until our limit is reached. The Diocese also has scholarships available:
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We accept youth ages 9 and up.
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Has the youth been MMR vaccinated? (Measles, mumps, rubella). Please include the date if known.
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