FedRAMP CSP Information Form
Please fill out this information form if you are interested in pursuing a FedRAMP designation (e.g., FedRAMP Authorized, FedRAMP Ready) for your cloud service product.
1.1 What is the name of Cloud Service Provider (CSP)? *
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1.2 What is the name of your Cloud Service Offering (CSO)? *
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1.3 Please provide a brief description of your CSO: *
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1.4 What is your product's Cloud Service Model (choose one)? *
1.5 What is your product's Cloud Deployment Model (choose one)? *
1.6 What is your product's FIPS-199 Categorization (choose one)? *
1.7 Describe your system's FedRAMP readiness. *
Provide a brief description of your current state of readiness. Please include information about your availability of resources to support documentation efforts for FedRAMP as well as how prepared you are to submit the first documents in the FedRAMP process - the FIPS-199 Worksheet and Control Implementation Summary.
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