ISAN 2022
Hi all,
Thanks for your willingness to complete this survey. All responses will remain confidential. We are only using the survey to prepare for next year's conference, currently scheduled for January 2-5, 2022.

We hope to have both an in-person AND virtual component to ISAN 2022. However, in order to pursue the in-person component, we need to reserve space with the Dolphin Beach Resort (which requires $). As such, we need to assess who would consider attending the in-person component of the conference.

Finally, we will have the International Association of Autoethnography and Narrative (IAANI) business meeting on Monday, February 22 at 4pm (Eastern Standard Time). At that time, we will discuss the feedback from this survey and other aspects of ISAN 2022. All are welcome to attend.

Here is IAANI Business Meeting information:
Meeting ID: 955 2752 2981
Passcode: IAANI
Name *
Preferred Email *
We hope to have both an in-person AND virtual component to ISAN 2022. If you participate in next year's conference, which format would you prefer? *
If ISAN 2022 had an in-person component, would you attend/travel to the conference? *
If you could not participate in the in-person component, would you participate in the online component of the conference? *
[Optional Question] Please provide any feedback you might have about ISAN 2021 conference. Specifically, what did you like? What didn't work for you? Are there any changes you would suggest for ISAN 2022?
[Optional question] Similar to this year's conference, we plan to have WORKSHOPS and AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT sessions at ISAN 2022. Do you have any recommendations for workshop topics, facilitators, or authors you'd like to include?
[Optional question] Every year we need help with reviewing conference submissions. We also need help with reviewing award nominations (this year, we will give the Best Book, Best Dissertation, Best Aural/Visual/Performance, and Journal of Autoethnography [JoAE] Article of the Year awards). If are willing to help with these tasks, please check any/all that apply:
[Optional question] The Journal of Autoethnography is always in need of manuscript reviewers. If you’re willing to review a manuscript, please provide 3-5 KEYWORDS about your research areas. If we receive a manuscript in your area(s), we may contact you for a review.
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