Tonto NF Eagle Project (Interest Form)
Jonas Archer is working with the US Forest Service to survey and assess wildlife areas throughout Tonto National Forest (in Central Arizona) for his Boy Scout Eagle Project. More details here:

Jonas is looking for hikers, off-roaders, boy scouts, and anyone else with a sense of adventure to join him on to complete this project.

We'll be doing the project on Labor Day weekend 2019 (ideally on Saturday, August 31).

For each of these wildlife areas, we're going to be walking the perimeter to record the area's exact GPS coordinates and also recording any damage (e.g., broken fences) so the Forest Service will know what needs to be repaired. We'll also be tracking details such as presence of wildlife, livestock, water, etc.

There are more than a dozen of these areas throughout Tonto NF. Some are easy to reach while others require tricky off-road driving. Some may be a nice stroll while others might include hiking/climbing. Some are tiny, others are huge. We've got a wide variety for anyone who's able to help.

If you're interested, please fill out the information below so we can find the best fit for your preferences. We'll be breaking up into teams, with assignments made based on what you're willing and able to do.


Jonas can't complete this project without your help, and this is a great way to give back to our public lands.

Thanks for your support!
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Thank you!
Your support on this project means a lot, and it's a big help to the wildlife of Tonto National Forest.
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