Designer Application - Highway to PE -
Designer Application PE - PreCAST Inc. Event

☆ this Round have a Motto / Theme: "Highway to PE"
☆ running July 1st to July 15th

☆ Sponsor Spot have 30 Prim (1000 L$) {FULL}
☆ Regular Spot have 15 Prim (600 L$) {FULL}
☆☆ Furniture Spot get now 40 Prim for 1000L$☆☆

! If u need a Furniture or Gacha Spot, please use this Options: Furniture or Gacha Spot

☆ SETUP: the sale must be ready 2 days before event start

☆ Rules for this Round
- only one "EXCLUSIVE" Product
- no Hovertexte
- no Discount!
- your presentation has to fit the theme!

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