2019 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference: Post-Conference Survey
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Whistle While You Work: Measuring Intangibles of NBA Officials
Started from the Top, now we’re here
When Less is More: How the NBA Could Be More Like Peak TV
Optimizing a TV Tune-in Campaign: Thursday Night Football
Building Smarter Venues: How GIllette Stadium uses data to drive the bottomline
Success by the Numbers: Using Data to Impact Performance
How Sport Can Address the Integrity Challenges Arising from Sports Betting
Performance Optimization Strategies that Helped Win a Championship
The Elam Ending: Examining the Original Version’s Ability to Meet Its Aims, and Exploring Minor Modifications to Build on Its Early Promise
If You Build It, Will they Come?: Driving Value from Fan Experience
Fixing the Charge
Creating the Ultimate Fan Experience: Data-driven Insights on How to Win with Fans Even When your Team Loses
Putting Fans In Control: The Future of the Sports Experience
BeautyBall: Using Analytics to Build Beautiful Games
Compact Defending: Where has the Space Gone? FIFA Technical Study Group Analysis of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™
How Bose is Finding New Opportunities with New Data
Built to Outlast: Youth Athlete Development for Performance and Durability
Transforming the Fan Experience - the Machine Learning Renaissance
Winning with Automated Machine Learning - On and Off the Field
Learfield 365 – A Case Study in Sponsorship Analytics
Picking Winners in March Madness with Integer Programming
A Clear Brand Identity Wins
Mixing Modern and Traditional Analytics with Sport in Rural Rwanda
Going Beyond Tracking Data: Using Body-Pose for Next Generation Analytics
Baseball as a Service, Evaluating Access Based Ticketing
Fantasy 2.0 with Yahoo Sports
Leading on Inclusion: What Works?
Social Media in MLB: A Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Strategy
Scrolling is the New Channel-Surfing: How Twitter Ads Drive TV Ratings
Team Avidity: How MLB Quantifies Fan-Team Relationships to Better Serve its Fanbases
Skating for Gold: Using Wearable Technology to Maximize Preparation For Elite Hockey Players
Data Science & the Action Network's Win Probability
The Fan - Behavioral Science and the Next Frontier in Sports
The True Cost of Tommy John Surgery in Major League Baseball
Please check any Workshops that you attended at SSAC19