2023-2024 BYA Enrichment Scholarship Application
Please read our guidelines and complete this application to be considered for a scholarship. Parents/Guardians of applicants will be notified of eligibility for scholarship money within one week of completion. Please email bya@bloomfield.org with any questions.

Enrichment Scholarship Guidelines

The purpose of a Bloomfield Youth Assistance (BYA) enrichment scholarship is to offer enriching opportunities to economically disadvantaged Pre-K - high school aged students.

Qualifications for eligibility are:
1. Must reside within or attend Bloomfield Hills School District
2. Must qualify for federal free and reduced lunch status

-Enrichment application must be completed.
-BYA will award scholarship money on a first-come, first-served basis while funding is available until all available funding is exhausted.
-BYA encourages families to apply early for programs.
-Families with multiple children may apply for programs for each eligible child.
-Families may apply for more than one program per child but the maximum amount awarded to a family is $300 (this may change depending on the funding received).
-Families will make every effort to enroll in the program with enough time for BYA to submit payment (BYA prefers to pay the vendor directly).
-If the scholarship is accepted and not used, the applicant will contact BYA to let the organization know this; the applicant may apply for a different program using the same application form.
-Families agree to submit a thank you letter and/or a drawing/photo of the applicant at the activity, to share with the BYA Board and the Eagles for Children grant committee. If the family chooses to remain anonymous, BYA will accept the notes without identifying features.


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