Standing up for Science & Justice Pledge
We are a group of scientists who are committed to a brighter future for science and society. There is much at stake: cuts to funding, denials of climate change, and the muzzling of scientists pose a serious threat to the scientific community, to democracy, and to the world more broadly. Furthermore, we are deeply concerned about the discriminatory policies and hateful language presented by the current administration targeting marginalized communities. The recent Executive Order on Immigration is unacceptable and poses a serious threat to the livelihood of refugees and immigrants. Under the current political circumstances, we believe it is imperative for scientists to speak up and urge their institutions and professional societies to do the same.

By signing this pledge you commit to speaking up for science and justice within your institution and/or professional societies. You commit to urging them to release a public statement resisting the dangers posed to marginalized communities by the current administration, and advocating for anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination policies within your society or institution. Let's speak up.

*NOTE: We are getting a more detailed website with a list of signatures, resources, and information set up. We will e-mail you with updates once the site is live. We are a small team - so we thank you for your patience! Please send any questions to

We, the undersigned, are committed to:

- Creating and defending an inclusive, welcoming, and safe community for all our society members and members of the public. This includes zero tolerance for discrimination on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status, national origin, or religion.

- Opposing discriminatory rhetoric, harassment, and policies in any context. We commit to public expression of solidarity with those who fear for their safety following an election that has legitimized violence and intimidation of people on the basis of country of origin and identity.

- Opposing the Executive Order on Immigration barring entry of refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

- Rejecting anti-scientific attitudes, “alternative facts”, and misinformation. We are committed to science, the scientific method, and the preservation of research data to ensure that decisions are grounded in evidence.

- Taking action to ensure our societies and institutions are standing up for science and justice. These actions will, at minimum, take the form of:
(a) Contacting our professional societies and university administrations to urge them to release a public statement opposing the threats posed by the current administration to science and to marginalized communities, particularly (but not limited to) the Executive Order on Immigration. A template e-mail can be found here:
(b) Advocating for strong codes of conduct within our institutions and professional societies that reflect our commitment to zero tolerance for discrimination, and our support for community members.

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