Triangle Resistance New Members
Welcome to the Triangle Resistance! We just have a few quick questions to cover and then you can begin your training.
What is your Agent/Player name? *
This is the name in the top of your Ingress scanner. Please use this exact name when you get your Slack invite!
What is your G+ Profile? *
Please provide the full URL. *** NOTE: We require you to have a Profile Picture! Any avatar will do as long as it is unique. ***
What is your name as it appears on your G+ Profile? *
This is to help verify your account.
What level are you?
Where do you normally play? *
City or county level.
What is your email address? *
We need your email to invite you to our game chat. Note that it will be listed in the team directory within Slack.
Were you invited by another person?
If so please list their agent (in game) name.
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