Irvine High School Student Parking Permit Application, 2019-2020

FOR ROUNDUP PURCHASES, FOLLOW STEPS 1 and 2, and read the Roundup note below.

1) Complete this on-line application. An Irvine High School Parking Permit Information & Regulations form will be sent to the email you provided. Make sure it is a legitimate e-mail that you use regularly. It CANNOT be your IUSD Google Account. If you do not use a valid email address, your application will not be processed. NOTE: Be sure to input all information with accuracy. You will only be able to submit one application, so make sure it is correct.

2) Print the form that is sent to you and get signatures from a parent/guardian.

3) Pay for the Parking Permit at the Cashier's window located by the Attendance Office (cash, check, or credit card). Permits are $50.00 for the entire school year and $25.00 for only the second semester. Collect a receipt that shows you have paid for the Parking Permit.

4) Bring the signed form along with your receipt to one of the Campus Security Officers at the Security Office.

5) Campus Security will apply the Parking Permit to your car.

**ROUNDUP NOTE** Campus Security will be stationed in the Humanities Building during Roundup in order to collect your signed confirmation and payment receipt (you can pay for your Parking Permit during the Roundup process). You will be given a time for when Parking Permits will be distributed.

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Please provide an e-mail address that is valid and that you check often. Please be accurate when typing. A form will be sent to this e-mail address and mistakes will negatively impact your application process. Your IUSD Google Account WILL NOT work so be sure and use another e-mail address.
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