CryptoDealers Interview March 2019
Participate and win VITE! Watch the interview here.

The first 20 qualified participants will receive 300 VITE each. One winner will be randomly selected to win another 500 VITE. All other qualified participants will receive 100 VITE.

All questions must be answered correctly to win rewards.


Winners list (Twitter):

First 20 winners for 300 VITE each:
@i_surface (Lucky winner with extra 500 VITE!)

Winners for 100 VITE each:

Congratulations to the all winners!

Answers are listed below. We will distributed tokens soon.
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1. Which competitor of Vite did Allen mention? (D) *
2. Which are the 2 most important features of VITE in 2019? (B) *
3. What is the top incentive Allen mentioned for a Supernode? (Rewards) *
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4. How many users have downloaded Vite wallet so far? (D) *
5. How many Supernodes are there? (D) *
6. Luke said a specific number of partnerships he’s going to talk about, how many partnerships did he mention? (B) *
7. When Luke listed the partnerships, which partnership did he talk the longest about? (C) *
8. For the community manager position, which country is Vite hiring for? (A) *
9. What city is the government contract in? (C) *
10. If you were in a YouTube live chat with Allen and Luke in this interview, what question would you ask them? *
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