QGIS Grant Applications - 2021
The QGIS.ORG grant programme is our way to accelerate and streamline development of the QGIS.ORG project by supporting committed developers and contributors from the community for their work through a grant system. It is a way to distribute our funds amongst our team members in a fair and transparent way.

Applicants may submit more than one proposal and the proposal may be on any topic that you think is relevant and beneficial to the greater QGIS community within the guidelines laid out below.

​Why have a grant programme?

There are four main reasons for the grant programme.

1) The main intent of the grant programme is to amplify the contributions of grantees by allowing them to spend more time on QGIS over and above what they would be able to do on a purely volunteer basis. At a broader level we would also like to avert the potentially negative reaction to funded development work in QGIS: “Why should I donate my time to work on QGIS when others are paid to do it?” And rather create an aspirational environment: “If I make a large contribution to QGIS I could also be eligible for a grant like other dedicated contributors have received.”

2) To simplify the decision making process for how to spend the funds received in the QGIS project via our Sponsorship and Donations programmes. Not having a cohesive plan for how to disburse QGIS funds results in funding being done in a very ad hoc manner - which in turn results in a skew of funding towards development related activities and away from other critical project activities such as improvement of user documentation, API documentation, sysadmin tasks and so on.

3) To get things done that volunteers don’t naturally gravitate towards doing, such as housekeeping, maintenance and so on.

4) To be more transparent in the decision making process when spending QGIS.ORG funds to advance the QGIS project.

What's new in 2021?

We have budgeted EUR 25,000 for the entire grant programme. Bear in mind that we would like to support as many activities as possible so if your budgeted amount is too large we may reject it.

This year, we will not accept proposals for the development of new features. Therefore, proposals should focus on improving the QGIS project infrastructure and polishing existing features. The target version for all project work is QGIS 3.22.

Some examples of the kinds of topics you could propose are:

* Updating and improving documentation
* Improving API documentation
* Curating the pull request queue
* Bug fixing
* Rewriting and improving a part of the code base
* Improvements that improve the security of the QGIS code base
* Updating and improving QGIS.org web infrastructure
* Helping new QGIS devs to get started with improved developer documentation and utilities
* etc.

The closing date for applications is 21st March 2021.

The winning proposals will be published in the end of April 2021.

There is a strict deadline: all grant projects need to be finished by the end of 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications made here will be PUBLICLY VISIBLE, including your name, fees etc.


1) Q: Are collaborative proposals allowed?

A: Yes, though one person should be the proposal lead. Additional collaborators can be mentioned in the proposal details section.

2) Q: Can I make a proposal for a smaller amount than EUR 25,000?

A: Yes

3) Q: Can I make a proposal for a larger amount than EUR 25,000?

A: No

4) Q: Can I charge VAT or additional expenses over and above the grant allocation?

A: No, the amount should be all-inclusive.

5) Q: How will the grant awards be decided?

A: Grant applications will be decided on by vote of the QGIS Board Voting Members. The PSC may veto any application that does not conform with the guidelines above.

6) Q: Can the grant be made on behalf of my company or a group of people?

A: Yes. Just note again that any application you make should be inclusive of all costs, VAT, Taxes etc.

7) Q: How many grants will be awarded from the available budget?

A: We expect to award at minimum three grants, possibly more if there are a number of smaller grant proposals that are worthwhile.

8) Q: Can I make more than one application?

A: Yes

9) Q: Is this like Google Summer of Code - a mentorship programme?

A: No. We will not provide mentorship - we expect that you are already an established developer or contributor to the QGIS project and that you do not need any 'hand holding' other than via normal community consultation processes like QEP's.

10) Q: I am thinking of submitting a proposal to do XYZ. Would that be considered a valid proposition?

A: We don't have any specific preconceived ideas of what a valid proposal is, so I would encourage you to make a submission if you think it is worthwhile. During the decision about which proposals to assess, we will consider factors like:

* How broadly useful the proposal is to all our users,
* How unlikely is it that the feature or improvement would be done without Grant funding,
* How much 'value' does the work bring to the project,
* How feasible is it that the applicant will actually achieve the goals outlined in their proposal, and so on.

11) Q: Have you thought of how to handle situations where person A submits a proposal and, later, person B submits the same proposal but cheaper?

A: In these cases, we will use criteria such as the applicant's standing in the community, the technical details of their implementation plan, etc. Price would probably be a low-weighted factor, but certainly could enter into it if there is a significant difference.

12) Q: do you have an indication of how long it will take for the grants to be awarded after the closing date?

A: The process will entail asking the QGIS voting community to rank all the proposals. Depending on how many proposals we receive we will need to allow for sufficient time of this to happen. We hope we can do it within a month of the closing date for applications but if we get many proposals, we will need more time.

13) Q: Can I re-submit a proposal from a previous grant call?

A: Yes!

Q: I still have questions, who can I ask?

A: Please contact anita@qgis.org if you have further questions, or write to the PSC mailing list.
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