Parallel's Yellow Brick Loop NFT Order Request
PLEASE ONLY SEND USDC, LRC OR ETH. After you fill out this order request, we will process your request and send your NFT to the L2 wallet that you provided. Allow at least 24 hours for us to process before contacting support.
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Which NFT would like to order? *
Next, send 2 LRC, USDC or ETH equivalent to parallelsNFT.eth
Payments must be paid in full before NFT will be sent. We use your payment with this form as verification. Include your ENS or wallet address in your payment as a memo. This address should match the one below.
Copy and paste your L2 wallet address and paste it here *
That's it! We'll review this form and verify your payment and the NFT will be released. Thanks for supporting parallelsNFT! Any questions concerns? Contact us directly at or direct message para1131_F33L on Reddit!
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