World Youth Choir Auditions 2019
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Emergency contact - Languages spokenIn case there is a need to get in contact, please specify which languages does the person speak fluently.
CV - Education. Please list here the name of your school(s), University(ies) / Years of attending and Diploma(s) obtained. We would kindly ask you to be concise and use the requested order. Answers longer than 1000 characters will likely not be considered. *
CV - Choral Experience. Add here the name of the ensemble(s) you currently sing with or have sung with / Years of participation / Name of the conductor(s) and any other accomplishment(s) in relation with your choral experience. Please focus your answers on your choral experience preferably after age 17. *
CV - Activities and Interests. We would kindly ask you to be concise. Answers longer than 1000 characters will likely not be considered. *
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