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If you are interested in month long masterclasses for authors, OWS-U is coming January 2018. Please complete this form so we know what classes you are interested in learning about and can provide you information as they become available. Our plan is to have each course set at $50 per student. If we can get 20 students for the class, the cost will drop to $30 per student. Each course will have material Monday and Wednesday, and Friday the teacher will provide an Ask Me Anything live video instruction.
All Course Confirmations Will be Sent out February 2nd, 2018
Enrollment is open from now through February 1st, 2018. Once a course hits the minimum 20 students, a notice will go out to all who've signed up to verify they are still interested. If a course hasn't filled up by February 1st, we will send a notice to students to verify they still wish to take the course before we send the Paypal billing. On February 2nd, we will send a bill to each student for all the courses they registered for. This bill must be paid before they can begin courses February 5th.
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