Portable Radio Feedback Form
To better serve our public and improve our communications, we are requesting feedback from you on any problems that you encounter while using our portable radios.
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Please give a detailed description of the problem that you had.( Please , only one radio per form.) *
Portable Radio SN#(749TBL1282, 749TDE0297, 749TZQ381, 749TDA8883, 749TZL1972, etc.) *
Battery D7 SN# 01025, 01055, 01090, etc.
Location of where problem occurred? (Ferndale on Malloy and Aldergrove, Bay Rd and Kickerville, Northwest Rd. and Pole Rd. , Etc.) *
What channel were you on? *
Were you on scan? *
What Antenna is on it? *
Were you using the hand held mic or just the radio? *
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