Massivemuse Proposal Application
Hey there! Thanks for taking in interest in producing a Massivemuse! Massivemuses are among the most exciting and popular events Groupmuse organizes. We've had Massivemuses in warehouses, rock climbing gyms, Masonic Temples, historical mansions, even one on a floating food forest.

Often Massivemuses combine classical music with another form of art: drama, poetry, jazz, ballet, etc. While that's not necessary to have a great Massivemuse, it's an opportunity to bring together different artist communities and create a totally new and immersive listening experience for the audience.

The most important quality we seek in a candidate is someone who can find an appropriate venue -- either through an existing connection or through irresistible hustle. Curating the art experience is a huge plus, but it's also something that Groupmuse HQ can handle on its own if necessary.

Venue requirements:
-Allow for floor seating
-Have a capacity of at least 150
-Allow alcohol (either equipped with bar and liquor license or allows BYOB)
-Can be paid through a cut of door sales (typically 1/3 of gross sales)

Here is a gallery of what Massivemuses have looked like in the past:
Email address *
What is your name? *
What city are you in? *
Are you connected to a venue that's ready to host a Massivemuse? *
If you have connections to any venues, please describe them and your connections to them.
A suitable venue allows for floor seating, has a capacity of at least 150, allows alcohol (either equipped with bar and liquor license or allows BYOB), is willing to be paid through a cut of door sales (typically 1/3 of gross sales) or costs less than $1,000 to rent. Links, pictures, and websites are all helpful.
Do you have an idea of what program you hope to present and who will be performing? (If you're an artist, it can be you!) *
If you have musicians and a program in mind, please describe them and your connection to them.
Massivemuse performances follow the same general rules as regular groupmuses: about 50 minutes of music, at least half classical, but they tend to have larger ensembles or are special in some other way (collaboration with dancers, Opera, etc.). If the musicians have an online presence, please link to it.
Have you produced big events before? *
If you have produced other large events, please describe your experience:
How did you organize the venue? Build the crowd? Run the activities?
How do you plan on getting the word out about this Massivemuse to ensure a big crowd? Social media? Connections to local arts journalists or influencers? etc. *
We will provide access to the Groupmuse community and a few other promotions, but it's great to know what you have in mind as well.
How do you plan to make this Massivemuse special and unique? *
Massivemuses in the past have been everything from a regular performance of a special piece like a quintet or sextet to a full on orchestral performance with hanging acrobats to an all cello ensemble in a chocolate factory.
Do you have a date in mind for this Massivemuse?
A specific date is great, but a general idea is also useful. This should be at least 2 months in the future.
Please describe your public speaking experience: *
You'll need to run the Massivemuse, and that includes explaining Groupmuse's mission to everyone at the event.
Have you been to a groupmuse or a Massivemuse before? *
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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